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For over 13 years Brian Staley has been working in the stair industry. 

In 1987 Brian started on his road to being a woodworker.  His first full time position was a cabinet maker building fine country furinture for Carter's Handcrafted Furniture in Ottsville, PA.  He created beautiful custom pieces such as captins beds, entertainment centers, bookcases and formal dining furniture. 

In 1993 Brian started apprenticing at a local stair company.  He quickly realized that building stairs was simply creating large pieces of furniture for people homes.  After a few years of working there he decided to start his own company to give people personalized attention.  He liked walking people through each step to completion. 

Today Brian is still hands on with every step of the business.  From taking your call to finding new products at trade shows, he stays one step ahead of the current trends.

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